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I just paid for membership, nothing happened/what's next?

There is a 2nd part to all membership applications that is completed via email. You will need to send us a photo of your face so we can create your membership ID. If you have selected a family membership this is where you will provide us the information for your additional pilots. Please check your junk mail filters/folders for the related message, it should come immediately after your payment is processed.  

How do I get to the field?

Click here, you will find a printable map and a link to Google Maps that you can use to navigate to Deleo Field.

Who can I talk to about joining Circle City Flyers?

Come down to the field and talk to some of the folks that are flying. They'll  point you to one of the officers that will get you set up with the information. Fill out an membership application here. The  bylaws of the club are on the bylaws page.

What rules and restrictions are there at circle city flyers?

Circle City Flyers follows AMA guidelines for safety. All members flying at the CCF field must have an AMA card.

Specific club safety rules can be found here, and By-Laws can be found here.

Generally, any aircraft that can be operated safely following these rules can be operated at the field.

Please, no gas or glow engines before 8:30 AM, electrics only (as a courtesy to the residents of the area).

Can I learn to fly RC here?

Of course, we have experienced instructors here to help you out at the field

What is the best time to fly at the field?

The field is most busy on the weekend mornings. Most flyers arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 AM and fly throughout the morning. Winds tend to pick up during the day, but are never very predictable.

What is the field like?

The field is located in a small canyon and is basically surrounded by hills. The runway and covered areas are paved. The runway runs generally southeast to northwest, and is just a hair over 500 feet. The runway is 50 feet wide.

Winds are usually non-existent during the morning hours; light enough to fly small foamies. Winds tend to gradually increase during the morning and enter the field from the northwest and northeast; that is, you're usually facing into the wind, and it is blowing slightly from the left or right. It wouldn't be a bad idea to practice a bit on a simulator if you're new to landing on a runway.

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