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Circle City Flyers

Dedicated to Radio Controlled flying Fun, Learning and Friendship

Circle City Flyers is a group of people who love RC flying.
Normal folks, who find the utmost joy in creating and flying wonderful machines that inspire, awe and put just a bit of color in the sky.
CCF is a non-profit, AMA affiliated flying club and we have one of the best flying facilities in Southern California. We are located just south of Corona, California, just a few minutes from the 15 Freeway.
The club is well established (CCF became an AMA Chartered Club March 27, 1990) and member's interests range from helicopters to 3D Planes. We fly gas, turbines, electric, glow, scale, profiles, combat wings and FPV. We have RC pilots who have flown for 40+ years, and beginners who are just learning the joys of flight. Got a question? Just learning? Curious? Come on down!
You can find folks flying most days, with the weekend mornings being the most popular. Mornings are calm with winds generally increasing throughout the day. 

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     Deleo Field is home to the Circle City Flyers. Nestled against the foothills just off the 15 freeway in secluded Temescal Canyon featuring a paved 500 x 50 foot runway. Running southeast to northwest our club site also features a 200 foot covered awning as well as waste facilities. We do not have power or trash services on site. Weather conditions are generally favorable. Winds are usually non-existent during the morning hours tend to gradually increase from midday on. Pilots are encouraged to fly in a clockwise pattern when in the air with others, and may be asked to avoid the motocross bikers that occasionally practice at the track just west of the field.  

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CLUB MEETINGS - Our club meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month and held at the field. Meeting time is 11AM and it usually lasts for 1 hour.

All members are required to have an ABC Fire Extinguisher at the field when they fly located in the pit area.

Fly safe and be safe. Bring a First Aid Kit as added protection.

In case of fire at the field, call 911 immediately. If fire crews appear, either by truck and/or by air, immediately cease flying and ground your aircraft. All emergency responders, fire and law enforcement, are given priority to combat any and all threats that endanger life, property and the safety of individuals. Please do your best to assist and not be part of the problem.


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